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Questo sito contiene tutte le informazioni sull'attività di Giacomo di Tollo, pianista italiano itinerante in Europa, insieme ai vari interessi circa la musica della sua terra, la musica della storia della sua terra, la scienza e l'intelligenza artificiale. In queste pagine é anche presente un Blog contenente le riflessioni quotidiane del musicista.

"In questo sito e blog troverete le tante riflessioni su argomenti che mi hanno appassionato durante gli anni: argomenti legati al pianoforte, alla storia della musica, alla musica del mio Paese, all'intelligenza artificiale, e a tutti i collegamenti tra questi argomenti. Voglio condividere con voi i miei spunti e mi piacerebbe conoscere i vostri!"

in Musica e Gastronomia

Music and Wine

The idea of pairing Music and Eno-gastronomy dates back to 2010, when Edizioni Menabò produced “La Viuletta”, a CD featuring Giacomo di Tollo, Nunzio Fazzini and Valentina Paolini, that included  classical music from Abruzzo.

The CD was noticed by Vincenzo’s

Roberto De Grandis (vice-president of the Tosti National Institute) performs on a Trabocco

Plate, an Australian video producing house, specialised in food and wine from Abruzzo, that used compositions from this CD for a TV-series.




Giacomo di Tollo presents the wine “Paganini”, a special edition of Menicucci Wines, produced by “Il Vecchio Teatro” Restaurant in Ortona (I). A concert featuring music by Paganini paired to this wine has been organised in Ortona during the Music Day, 2019. In the picture, Giacomo di Tollo with Armando Carusi, owner of “Il Vecchio Teatro”.


This was because some compositions contained in the CD were inspired by some specific wines; this former idea was further developed by performing the “Canzoniere Gastronomico D’Abruzzo”, a collection of compositions by Antonio Piovano, which are based on traditional recipes. The performance was organised in 2012 by Dora Sarchese, a wine-producer and restaurant, that paired these compositions to the recipes for its customers; later on Vincenzo’s plate organised concerts on the Trabocchi (fisherman’s shelters), a really interesting feature of the Abruzzo’s coastline, apt to host instrumental music concerts.

These seminal experiences was focused on music, recipes and wine from the “Abruzzo” region. Conversely, in our current project we want to extend our approach by focussing on wine only,  selecting wines from a wider geographical range, and developing the musical part by investigating the relationships between a specific wine and some musical compositions or anecdotes that shows some relations to the wines. Some examples are as follows:

Giacomo di Tollo with Nicola D’Auria (president of the Italian Wine-Tourism Movement) and Maestro Vessicchio (from the Radio Televisione Italiana) in Dora Sarchese winery, 2017.
  • Tosca by Puccini is based on the drama “La Tosca” by Sardou: in the first act of this drama, the servants in the Church discusses about the wine to be given to Cavaradossi. The wine is “Gragnano”. Hence, a concert based on a selection from Tosca is to be performed, and at the same time, Gragnano is to be served to people attending the concert
  • Johannes Brahms spent his holidays is Wiesbaden, and he wrote that the wine produced in this town was his favourite one. Hence, a selection of Brahms music will be paired to wine from Palatinate.


The “Beethoven” wine offers many ideas of pairing music with this wine, which is produced by the family of the composer by the Mosel (D).




So far we have the concept ready for 18 concert pairings of wine and musical anecdotes, encompassing a period of more than 400 years, and browsing different musical genres such classical, jazz, pop, contemporary, ethnic, R&B, traditional, sacred, rock and roll. Some more can be added.

A typical soirée is organised as follows. A special wine is identified and temporarily added to the menu. This wine is proposed by the Artistic Director (or by a trained waiter) to customers, jointly with a brief explanation of the musical reasons behind its choice.  At the same time, the concert of music showing a relation with this wine is performed.


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