Giacomo Di Tollo

Questo sito contiene tutte le informazioni sull'attività di Giacomo di Tollo, pianista italiano itinerante in Europa, insieme ai vari interessi circa la musica della sua terra, la musica della storia della sua terra, la scienza e l'intelligenza artificiale. In queste pagine é anche presente un Blog contenente le riflessioni quotidiane del musicista.

"In questo sito e blog troverete le tante riflessioni su argomenti che mi hanno appassionato durante gli anni: argomenti legati al pianoforte, alla storia della musica, alla musica del mio Paese, all'intelligenza artificiale, e a tutti i collegamenti tra questi argomenti. Voglio condividere con voi i miei spunti e mi piacerebbe conoscere i vostri!"

Concert Programs

As a pianist I propose the following programs:

  • Opera Session
  • Futurism and Futurisms
  • Tosti and Company


Although really different, these programs are intimately linked by personal and biographic connections. If you want to discover more about these connections please click here. In what follows the three programs are outlined.




Opera Session

During the XIX century (and beginning of XX century) a great number of melodies from the Italian Operas were transcribed for the piano. This included pieces from Rossini’s Barbiere di Siviglia, Verdi’s Rigoletto, Bellini’s Norma, and many others. Numerous composers have attempted to convey this music to the piano: a few have survived (the likes of Liszt, Thalberg and Raff); but the majority have been completely forgotten. This program aims in providing a wide outlook on this art form, which in its day spread word wide to give households an authentic flavour of Italian Opera. This program has been recorded by Giacomo di Tollo in Opera Session: a CD produced by Andromeda Records. A program tentative can be found here.

Futurism and Futurisms

This program is closely related to my main  research topic as a researcher, which is the integration of man and machine through Artificial Intelligence, that inspired by to perform  futuristic, neo-futuristic and Artificial-Intelligent related music. Futurism is an artistic movement that spread throughout Italy at the beginning of the XX century, and championed ideas associated with    industrialization, speed and machines, which is evident in futuristic music. A century later, the Computer has begun the universal   machine,  whose logic have an impact over other fields, i.e., music. In this context, I explore compositions exploiting mathematical formulations as a compositional guidelines (Magic Stars, Block Designs, Kaleidocycles, u.s.w.), along with compositions by myself inspired by Artificial Intelligence approaches. A tentative program can be found here.

Tosti and Company

It is interesting to remark that composers from Futurismo campaigned against the vocal compositions of Francesco Paolo Tosti (Ortona (I), 1846 – Roma (I), 1916), the most eminent Vocal Chamber Music composer of that period, and who, incidentally, came from my home town. He served as “master of  music” at the Queen Victoria’s court, becoming the one of the most eminent European composers of its time. His vocal compositions have been  sung by the most eminent singers and transcribed for the piano by several composers. This program gives a perspective on his art, in an authentic “Belle Epoque” flavour. A tentative program can be found here.