Giacomo Di Tollo

Questo sito contiene tutte le informazioni sull'attività di Giacomo di Tollo, pianista italiano itinerante in Europa, insieme ai vari interessi circa la musica della sua terra, la musica della storia della sua terra, la scienza e l'intelligenza artificiale. In queste pagine é anche presente un Blog contenente le riflessioni quotidiane del musicista.

"In questo sito e blog troverete le tante riflessioni su argomenti che mi hanno appassionato durante gli anni: argomenti legati al pianoforte, alla storia della musica, alla musica del mio Paese, all'intelligenza artificiale, e a tutti i collegamenti tra questi argomenti. Voglio condividere con voi i miei spunti e mi piacerebbe conoscere i vostri!"

Why I like this music?

I am writing this page because many people want to know more about the connections amongst the concert programs I perform, and between my music and my activity as a researcher. I’ll try to explain what I have in mind by following an historical perspective:

Italy has a long tradition of vocal composition and performing: the Italian Opera stands still today  as one amongst the major forms of musical art, and arias by Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi, Puccini (…) are still widespread and appreciated by a huge public. The opera repertorie, especially during the XIX century, was a source of inspiration of many instrumental composers, and many pianists have transposed to the piano the main opera melodies. Most of this repertoire is today neglected, but I like it, and this feeling is so far shared with the audiences I play for.

The interest for Francesco Paolo Tosti goes in the same direction: he was born in my birthplace, and has been a prominent vocal chamber music composer. He always enjoyed the love from the public and performers, and his compositions have been transcribed for the piano by many composers. My next CD will be devoted to these transcriptions.

But though loved by the public, Tosti was also hated by intellectuals that did not share its vision of art: at the beginning of the XX century new ideas spred allover Italy, and one of these was inspired from speed, progress, and the machine. It was the Futurismo. This movement wanted to renew the italian artistic scene, it was against Opera, and against melodies by Tosti and Denza, as written in the first Manifesto. And it is worthwile to remark that in my birthtown, the futuristic movement led to create “La BBanda Futuriste“: an ensamble composed mainly of percussions, which is still active nowadays.

Hence a century ago music lovers from my birthplace were partitioned in supporters of Tosti, and supporters of Futurism. When I started studying music the two parties were in peace to each other, but I have grown (musically) in this opposition.

Futurism inspired to me the love of machines, and the main machine nowadays is the Computer. This combination  led me to study Artificial Intelligence, with the goal is to define intelligent machines. In this context, I use Artificial Intelligence tools to compose music, and I also look for composers that in a way have found my ideas before me…

If you have some questions, please write me an email.